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GIPSY presents its new collection for winter 2019/20

Winter Diary
Enlightenment, sensitivity and self-observation in a fast-moving world, to act seasonable and regionally, are the keywords of this wintery theme. Cooler days tempt you to take a walk in nature.
Warming quilted jackets and trendy styles with a wintery attitude such as cuddly warming lamb fur and teddy collars or teddy linings represent the outdoor part of the Gipsy collection. Authentically washed lamb leathers, enhanced with various treatments, match this theme perfectly. The colour range of this story is oriented towards nature. Autumn foliage tones, but also wintry pastel hues such as misty grey, winter sky and foggy rose, invite you to daydream and relax. Night blue, a deep dark brown
and fire red provide comforting warmth. A finely curated palette of retro-tones with a warm and natural feel, which stands for both, classic colour compositions and cutting-edge combinations.

Time to Wonder
A trend theme that enchants. When the year comes to an end, it signals the beginning of the festive season. Elegance and sportswear attributes combine with retro elements to move innovative ideas forward. Different shapes stand out as decorated pieces with varying elements like sequins, star rivets or metallic prints. It‘s a striking range of winter colours. A sheer darkness of blue black and dark forest. Oxblood, blue fire and burnt cognac make for solid ground. Black is a must-have for this theme.

Urban Delights
Urban impulses offer the basis for change and transformation. Shifts, tensions and reinterpretations characterize this theme. Rock bikers as well as progressively elegant styles are skillfully staged. Bottle green, dark denim and raisin brown form a calm, wintry basis. Skin and caramel, as well as golden yellow promise neutral grounds. Dark wisteria as well as glacial lake hold the potential for innovation. Snow-white radiates light and lightness.

Exhibitor: Raberg Leder Outlet und Retail GmbH